Mechanical Design & Services

The Mechanical Design and Services Program provides adaptive equipment to meet a child’s specific needs when a suitable product is not otherwise available. These needs may be in:

  • Seating
  • Alternate positioning
  • Mobility
  • Mounting or positioning of other assistive technologies and/or
  • Safe containment

The child’s needs may be addressed through:

  • Modification of a mainstream consumer product, such as a bicycle, tricycle, toboggan, classroom chair or kitchen chair
  • Customization of commercial adaptive equipment, such as wheelchairs and seating products, commodes or walking aids
  • Custom design and fabrication of a unique product, or
  • Fabrication of “standard RCC design” adaptive equipment such as standers, pommel walkers, wheelchair trays, or adaptive toilet seats.

The Mechanical Design and Services clinicians function as members of a multidisciplinary team in the provision of assessment, intervention, and education to clients, families and caregivers.

User manuals
Bike Balance Wheels User Guide
Junior Pommel Walker User Guide
Mini Pommel Walker User Guide
Prone Stander User Guide
Senior Pommel Walker User Guide
Swing User Guide
Tilt Standing Frame User Guide