Spina Bifida Clinic

Purpose of Clinic

  • To assess the child’s general health and provide recommendations or treatment
  • To monitor the child’s renal functioning and address issues of urinary incontinence
  • To assess the child’s orthopedic condition and manage orthopedic issues through therapy, orthotics and adaptive equipment.

The clinic is comprised of three physicians, a urology nurse and a physiotherapist and/or occupational therapist. As well, orthotics and mechanical design provide consultation and assistance in the areas of bracing and adaptive equipment (wheelchairs, seating, etc.)

  • The physiatrist (physical medicine and rehabilitation physician) specializes in assistive devices, medications and therapies.
  • The pediatric urologist monitors renal function and addresses issues of urinary incontinence.
  • The pediatric orthopedic surgeon provides orthopedic assessment and management.
  • The pediatric urology nurse presents information on a wide range of issues, including latex allergies; and provides education and training to parents and caregivers in the community.
  • The therapist provides assistance in the selection and provision of seating and mobility equipment, and training in functional skills and exercise.


Written referral by a physician.


Two times a month, the second and fourth Wednesday afternoon.

Medical and multidisciplinary services are available to children with varying physical and developmental conditions. A clinical nurse specialist is available to coordinate the services required by children with complex needs.