SSCY Family Resource Centre

The SSCY Family Resource Centre is located on the main floor of the Rehabilitation Centre for Children. In this family-friendly centre are located harder-to-find resources about special needs and general health issues, including:

  • 1400 books, videos and DVDs about specific disabilities or conditions
  • Story books about or including children with special needs
  • Books addressing the concerns of siblings and parents
  • General parenting resources
  • Education issues
  • Pamphlets
  • Newsletters
  • Magazines and journals
  • Internet access for families
  • Bulletin boards and posters of information on resources, conferences and other information of interest to families
  • Family-friendly play and rest area
  • Meeting space

We are able to mail print and video resources to Manitoba locations outside of Winnipeg.

The Take-Out-Toy Services (TOTS) toy lending program is also located in the SSCY Family Resource Centre. TOTS has over 400 toys for use by children with special needs, including electronic, switch-adapted and developmental toys.

For more information on the SSCY Family Resource Centre and to see a listing of resources, please go to the SSCY website.