RCC/SSCY Family Advisory Council

The RCC/SSCY Family Advisory Council brings together family members and staff in a collaborative effort to ensure that the principles of Family-Centred Care are promoted, preserved and enhanced at RCC and Specialized Services for Children & Youth (SSCY).

Family members provide advice, feedback and information about the programs, services and strategic direction of RCC and of SSCY Centre. One member of our Family Council is a Liaison to the RCC Board of Directors and attends Board meetings.

Meetings are held 4 times per year in the evening. Participation by teleconference (phone) is possible. RCC/SSCY Family Advisory Council involvement provides opportunities for information-sharing and networking among members. Membership is open to parents, legal guardians, foster parents or other family members of current or previous clients of the Rehabilitation Centre for Children and the SSCY partners.

The RCC/SSCY Family Advisory Council welcomes your input and involvement. If you would like to communicate with us or join the Council, please contact Collette Wilson, Director of Client Services and Community Relations, at (204) 453-9820.