Family Centred Care Philosophy

We believe in:

  • Families as the constant in a child’s life. Service systems and personnel within those systems fluctuate.
  • Facilitation of parent/professional collaboration at all levels of health care.
  • Sharing of unbiased and complete information with parents about their child’s care on an ongoing basis in an appropriate and supportive manner.
  • Implementation of appropriate policies and programs that are comprehensive and provide emotional and financial support to meet the needs of families.
  • Recognition of family strengths and individuality, and respect for different methods of coping.
  • Understanding and incorporating the developmental and emotional needs of infants, children, and adolescents and their families into health care delivery systems.
  • Encouragement and facilitation of parent-to-parent support.
  • Assurance that the design of health care delivery systems is flexible, accessible, and responsive to family needs.
  • Honoring the racial, ethnic, socio-economic and cultural values and diversity in families.