Evidence-Informed Practice

RCC strives to provide service based on the best available evidence and experience. Many of our staff are actively involved in the evaluation of the evidence that informs our practice.

Our Evidence-Informed Practice Steering Committee provides direction to RCC for the implementation and evaluation of evidence-based practices.


Clinical practice at the Rehabilitation Centre for Children is guided by the best evidence.

A process for establishing evidence-informed practice tools is in place for RCC.

Access to appropriate resources are in place to guide the development, use and evaluation of evidence-informed practice tools.

All clinicians are involved in setting priorities and developing and implementing evidence-informed practice tools.

Evidence-informed practice tools are in place for activities which are high-risk, high-volume, high-cost or high-priority to families and clinicians.

Evidence-informed practice tools are readily accessible to clinicians.

A process is in place for regular review of evidence-informed practice tools.


Evidence-Informed Practice Tools and Policies

To view the RCC policy on Evidence-Informed Practice, click here.

To view the Clinical Practice Guideline on Pressure Ulcer Prevention & Treatment, click here.


Clinical Resources

To view the document on Bicycle Assessment and Selection, click here.